Saturday, June 15, 2013


Have you seen the film called Multiplicity? With Andy McDowell and Michael Keaton.  I saw it in the 90's but never forgot it. An entrepreneur is overwhelmed with work and doesn't have enough time to spend time with his wife. He meets a guy who invented a machine capable of duplicating human beings. So Keaton's character decides to try it. The first copy of himself is a bit macho, but leads the enterprise efficiently. Mr Macho finds himself overworked as well, so he makes a copy of himself, which leads to a weaker version of  himself ---the first copy. There's still plenty of work, so the copy of the copy makes another copy, and we end up with someone mentally challenged. It's a hilarious comedy, as every single copy is attracted to Andy McDowell and wants to jump into bed with her. Andy cannot tell any of the copy from the original, except for some weird behaviors.

Why am I telling you this? Sometimes, as a writer, I wish I could multiply myself.  My passion is writing, and marketing, albeit interesting, is taking time away from what I love to do.  I still haven't found a way to balance book marketing time and writing time.  Any pointer?  Besides finding a magical machine that may lead to more trouble than solutions, that is.

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