Tuesday, July 2, 2013


In a recent review, because I understood what an author was trying to do, because I thought he dared to experiment, I gave him a four star and a good analysis.  But what I wanted to give him was three stars, as the novel got way too talky at times, and when action happened, there were problems with pace.  I must add that this was part of a swap review deal. 

The author thanked me for my review.  He also asked me for advice as I mentioned that his use of language and punctuation might discourage the traditional mystery or thriller reader to move on with the reading. I gave him a few pointers, although I had loads to do before going to Denver to help my daughter who is now facing rather tough health challenges.

Later on, I proposed to do an interview with that author.  Well, swap interviews.  I thought it would clarify further what that author was trying to do.  He immediately agreed.

Well, no good deed goes unpunished. I got a botched review probably written in five minutes for Chaisaw Jane, accompanied with three glorious stars. Was he macho man offended by my four-star review?  After all, nearly all of his reviews were five-starred. (In hindsight, having seen that, I should have flown away from this author immediately. An all five-star average is not to be relied on, specially for debut authors. It just shows that only buddies and family, not serious reviewers, have reviewed the book.)

I told the author how I felt.  Exploited, basically.  I decided to remove my review of this author from amazon.com.  Did I do the right thing?  What do you think?

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