Saturday, July 27, 2013


Let's remember it's not a four-letter word, even if we do not live in the most literary of ages. This past week, I was given the opportunity of evoking literature thanks to an interview given by an intelligent as well as very talented author, Jess C. Scott. I mentioned in my bio that Voltaire's satire and Balzac's psychology had an impact on my fiction writing. And the way Agatha Christie constructed her novels certainly influenced the structure of Chainsaw Jane. The fact that Jess asked me to recommend works by these writers not only gave me joy, but it made these geniuses young again.  Letting my memory visit their domain felt like re/discovering a beautiful garden. Only trees and flowers are characters and ideas here. With literature, you get the sense that things move, but only pretend to change, a bit like seasons. It all comes back, always in a circle. What these authors said decades or centuries ago informs what we undergo today. Fiction, in many cases, is truer than reality.

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